Faeryscopes for April 2020

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Angel of Answered Prayer

Aries, this month be careful with your words, once they are spoken they cannot be taken back. Set your boundaries clearly and quietly, walk away from any drama. Nobody gets to tell you how you feel, honour your truth and walk away from the gossip.


Lucky Day:  16th April 2020

Lucky Crystal: Tiger’s Eye

Angel of Abundance

Taurus, you are great at setting your intentions. Make sure you follow them through this month. Stop procrastinating. Finish all outstanding projects. Half done is not done! Get outside for some fresh air, clear your energy.


Lucky Day:  20th April 2020

Lucky Crystal: Jade


Angel of Blessings

Gemini, this is a beautiful card. It is all about love, happiness and new opportunities and celebrations coming your way. This month should really feel as if you have turned a page. Please know that the best is on the way. Look after your solar plexus, tummy area and get outside to clear your head.


Lucky Day:  17th April 2020

Lucky Crystal: Rainbow Moonstone


Soulmates are here to teach us lessons. These lessons could be about patience, acceptance, forgiveness, love etc. One thing about a soulmate is, it is never dull when they are around. Soulmates are here to help you through your life lessons, they can be a friend, an enemy, a lover or even a colleague that crosses your path. Know you must hold onto yourself and define your boundaries.


Lucky Day:  19th April 2020

Lucky Crystal: Garnet

Angel of Truth & Integrity

The devil is in the detail this month Leo. Be careful with all legal documents etc., read the fine print and don’t be afraid to take a document home with you. Do not feel pressured to sign on the spot. Those with assignments or tests coming up, get those notes prepared and know that you are worthy of success. Great month for studying and getting your affairs/financial affairs in order.


Lucky Day: 14th April 2020

Lucky Crystal: Bumblebee Jasper

Angel of Ideas & Inspiration

Virgo, it’s time to put to paper, what you would like to happen this year. Writing a letter to your Angels is also a great idea. Writing down your budgets, paying attention to lists, write down things you’d like to have completed in your life. These can be anything to cleaning, finances, holidays etc. Stick those lists on your fridge. It’s time to get yourself organised and see a plan in order. This could be starting a savings account, start doing a clear out, but it’s time for you to bring those ideas into reality.

Lucky Day:  21st April 2020

Lucky Crystal: Herkimer Diamond

Angel of Miracles

Miracles are all around us, why shouldn’t a miracle happen for you. Are you setting your intentions of positivity? Be aware of your thoughts this month. It’s time for you to say yes to success and accept all the abundance that is coming your way. You are worthy of joy, love and miracles. Have a great month.


Lucky Day:  22nd April 2020

Lucky Crystal:  Phantom Quartz


Angel of Children

This month sees you work on your inner child, it’s time that you gave energy and love to the child within. It may be take a walk in the park, play games with your children, watch an old childhood film that gives happy memories. Either way, it’s time to give some TLC, you may be feeling a wee bit neglected or low. Bring the people around you or old childhood friends that make you laugh to remind you of who you are.


Lucky Day: 19th April 2020

Lucky Crystal: Rhodachrosite


Angel of Self-Acceptance

Sagittarius, this month sees you work on your self-esteem. It could be a time of convalescence, a time of rest and a time of you literally taking it easy. Do not take on any crazy projects or undertakings this month, as your energy really is on a go slow. It is time for you to connect with old friends, loving family members and people who make you laugh. Spend time with music or your favourite movies. Allow yourself to connect with your own joy and sense of trust and simply allow things to happen.

Lucky Day: 28th April 2020

Lucky Crystal: Aquamarine

Angel of Retreat

Capricorn, this month sees you spending some time alone. This may mean you taking a day off or just spending a day in nature. It is really important this month you gather your thoughts and look after your mental health. You may be feeling slightly drained, lethargic or tired. It is time to set your boundaries around you. The only person that can say no is y-o-u.


Lucky Day: 23rd April 2020

Lucky Crystal: Emerald

Angel of Emerging

Aquarius, this month sees you step into your power. It’s time for you to put your energy into projects and people that really give back. This feels like a lucky energy coming in around you. Know you have the Midas touch and it’s time to put yourself or your work out there. You’re not afraid of hard work and this month really sees you being noticed in a capacity, career wise.


Lucky Day:  29th April 2020

Lucky Crystal: Ruby


Angel of Nature

Pisces, this month sees you get outside to clear your head. You may have a gardening project in mind or doing a clear out around your garden shed or garden etc. This will be really good for your mental health, clear your energy and also help you reconnect with your soul purpose. Grounding process in nature helps bring you back into your body and clear your thoughts. It will also help you resolve an issue that has been bugging you for quite some time. 

Lucky Day:  30th April 2020

Lucky Crystal: Blue Topaz

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