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Angelscopes for November 2019

  • Angel of Self-Acceptance

    It is time to put yourself first, try to look at healthy alternatives to boost your energy this month. Set healthy boundaries and trust first impressions. They are never wrong. Set goals for 2020 now! You can achieve anything once you set your mind to it.

    Lucky Day:  17th November 2019

    Lucky Crystal: Green Agate

  • Angel of Retreat

    Courage is needed this month Aries, it’s time to speak your truth and define your boundaries. True lessons are not easy take a deep breath and step into your power. 

    Lucky Day: 11th November 2019

    Lucky Crystal: Sapphire

  • Angel of Focus

    The Angel with the broken wing reminds you of the importance of self-care. It’s time to turn your focus inward. Have you been neglecting your body lately? Your body needs rest, hydration and nourishment. Take your power back and make your first priority yourself. Start today!

    Lucky Day: 30th November 2019

    Lucky Crystal: Peach Selenite

  • Angel of Emerging        

    The optimist sees the glass half full, while the pessimist sees it as half empty. Which are you? It’s time to believe that good things happen to people like you, you deserve the very best that life has to offer. Stop settling for second best treatment and know that when you realise you deserve the best -that is exactly what you will attract. Stop settling for less than you deserve.

    Lucky Day:  20th November 2019

    Lucky Crystal: Gold     

  • Angel of Children

    News of a happy arrival or celebration in your family is imminent, look out for an invitation to a special event. It’s time to connect with sisters from different misters and brothers from another mother. Our childhood friends carry our history. There’s no friend like an old friend, so reconnect with yours today all it takes is a phonecall.

    Lucky Day: 15th November 2019

    Lucky Crystal: Citrine

  • Angel of Divine Timing

    All good things happen to those who wait! The lesson of patience is delivered by divine timing. Please know that your Angels are working as hard as possible to make things happen for you. Keep your thoughts positive and know that all will be delivered in divine timing to you.

    Lucky Day:  19th November 2019

    Lucky Crystal: Peridot

  • Angel of Serenity

    It’s time to weigh up your options Taurus, an issue you have been procrastinating over needs to be addressed once and for all. It also is time to pay attention to studies or take up an old hobby / project you have put aside. Baby steps can lead to big progress.

    Lucky Day:  21st November 2019

    Lucky Crystal: Emerald

  • Angel of Romance

    If you’re single get out and mingle! The key this month is to get active. Accept every invitation and go out with a positive mindset. For couples, plan your date night and make time for some play time between you both!

    Lucky Day:  26th November 2019

    Lucky Crystal: Rose Quartz

  • Angel of Enchantment

    It’s time to believe in magic again, disillusionment can poison every aspect of our lives until we no longer believe in good people or good deeds anymore. Take heart and know your Angels are sending help around you, you are responsible for your happiness. It starts with your mindset.

    Lucky Day: 24th November 2019

    Lucky Crystal: Blue Lace Agate

  • Angel of Dreams

    Pay attention to your dreams, for it is the subconscious bringing you insights into deeper issues around you presently. This card is also about sleep, are you drinking enough water? Perhaps cut down on amount of caffeine and Netflix before bedtime! We all need sleep. Pay attention to your body what is it trying to tell you?

    Lucky Day: 24th November 2019

    Lucky Crystal: Ruby

  • Angel of Divine Guidance

    Have you asked your Angel for a sign lately? Feathers, butterflies, coins are all signs that your Angel is near. It’s important to speak about how you feel to the people you love. You are more loved than you will ever realise, don’t give up and look for that sign.

    Lucky Day: 29th November 2019

    Lucky Crystal: Amythest

  • Angel of Celebration

    Scorpio, the gods are shining down on you, you have the Midas touch this month it’s a great time for manifesting your dreams into real life, play the lotto, book that holiday, ask that person out on a date! Adopt a can do attitude this month and see how the universe moves to support you. Luck is on your side.

    Lucky Day:  21st November 2019

    Lucky Crystal: Apache Tear