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Angelscopes for March 2018

  • Angel of Music

    It’s time for a clear out, put your music on high and start eliminating clutter from your life. Free up your head space so new people and opportunities come your way.


    Lucky Day:  17th March 2018

    Lucky Crystal: Carnelian

  • Angel of Blessings

    Have you asked your Angels for a sign? You may see a white feather, pick up a coin or hear a song repeatedly on the radio. This card is also a lucky omen which signifies good news or good luck is winging its way to you.

    Lucky Day:  12th March 2018

    Lucky Crystal: Citrine

  • Angel of Body Care

    Its time you address health concerns. Are you drinking enough water? Are you filling your body full of processed foods… please look after your body it’s the vessel which carries your soul through life. Take care of it and your energy will reap the rewards.

    Lucky Day: 29th March 2018

    Lucky Crystal: Rhodochrosite

  • Angel of Support

    Your loved ones in spirit are at peace, they are always watching over you and send signs to let you know they are listening. Have you seen a Robin following you? Is there a song on repeat? Know that they are always waiting to help you and give you a short cut all, you need to do is ask.

    Lucky Day: 15th March 2018

    Lucky Crystal: Rose Quartz

  • Angel of Answered Prayer

    Your Angels have heard your prayer, they are working on a solution in order that you have your prayers answered as you have asked for or in a better way than you thought. Keep believing in your dreams and have faith that divine timing is at work.

    Lucky Day: 29th March 2018

    Lucky Crystal: Clear Quartz


  • Angel of Forgiveness

    Forgiveness is the key that opens the door to a self-imposed prison. Forgiveness can be 2 fold. You can forgive the person and not the act or vice versa. Grudges are very heavy weights to bare. Find perspective and forgiveness is yours.

    Lucky Day: 23rd March 2018

    Lucky Crystal: Moss Agate

  • Angel of New Beginnings

    Endings are often disguised as new beginnings, the light is dawning on a new chapter in your life. Don’t take old regret and sadness forward, learn the lesson and begin to move forward with your life. You’re worthy of so much happiness and love.

    Lucky Day:  10th March 2018

    Lucky Crystal: Emerald

  • Angel of Friendship

    Friendship comes in many shapes and forms, we may have friends we meet in the physical, online community or they have 4 furry paws! This card signifies you spend time with a friend. Catch up, arrange a coffee date and allow yourself to share your thoughts, emotions and feelings. Know that you deserve support, help and friendship.

    Lucky Day:  15th March 2018

    Lucky Crystal: Sodalite

  • Angel of Ideas & Inspiration

    It’s time to get those creative juices flowing. Join a new course or a hobby sign up for a new class. You have so much untapped potential. The only limits you are bound by are the ones you set yourself.

    Lucky Day: 28th March 2018

    Lucky Crystal: Aventurine

  • Angel of New Love

    Cupid has his sights firmly on you this month. For those in a relationship, you may need some well needed quality time with your partner. For my singles, stop hiding your light, get out and about pick up a new hobby, and allow yourself to be seen again.

    Lucky Day: 14th March 2018

    Lucky Crystal: Rose Quartz

  • Angel of Truth & Integrity

    There may be legal documents and outstanding contracts that need to be dealt with before this month is out. Remember the devil is in the detail dot your I’s and cross your T’s and always read the small print. If something appears too good to be true, then it is.

    Lucky Day: 26th March 2018

    Lucky Crystal: Sunstone

  • Angel of Guardian Angel

    Your Guardian Angel is always with you. You may see feathers, coins or feel a loving presence around you. Please know that you are loved and protected more than you realise. If you wish to work more with your Guardian Angel all you need to do is ask. They will also guide helpful individuals, support and love into your life, what are you waiting for?

    Lucky Day: 27th March 2018

    Lucky Crystal: Ruby