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Angelscopes for November 2018

  • Angel of Meditation 

    This month, try and take some time alone, go for a walk and take deep cleansing breathes. You alone hold the answers that you seek, sometimes you need to remove yourself from outward distractions so you can connect to the truth within. The time is now.

    Lucky day: 10th November

    Lucky Crystal: Rose Quartz

  • Arch Angel Michael 

    It’s time to cut the chords, clear out the emotional and physical clutter that is blocking your current life path. Look around your house, does the energy feel stagnant? It’s time to clear away the old to make way for the new.

    Lucky day: 27th November

    Lucky Crystal: Sodalite 

  • Angel of Body Care

    Be careful what foods you are consuming, your body is like a well oiled machine, it cannot function on a bad diet or a bad sleep pattern. Get time out in nature and give your body what it is asking you for. It may be sleep, water, food or rest. Your body is always talking. Are you listening? 

    Lucky day: 26th November

    Lucky Crystal: Aventurine

  • Angel of Signs 

    Are you noticing receptive signs? Do you see numbers, such as 111, 444 or 222? Are you constantly seeing white feathers or hearing the same song repeatedly on the radio? A loved one in spirit is looking after you and giving you signs that you are loved. Take this card as a sign that they are listening. 

    Lucky day: 17th November

    Lucky Crystal: Sapphire 

  • Angel of Nature

    Get out of your head and get into your heart. Spend some time outside in nature, not only will it clear your head, it will also ground your energy and emotions. There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing! 

    Lucky day:  29th November 

    Lucky Crystal:  Pink Tourmaline

  • Angel of Intention

    Your thoughts shape your reality, you are more powerful than you will ever realise. Be aware of your inner critic this month. Stop procrastinating and start doing! Sometimes luck needs a helping hand.

    Lucky day: 11th November 

    Lucky Crystal:  Amethyst 

  • Angel of Focus

    Taurus, it’s time to focus on your priorities. Stop looking for other problems to fix. It’s time to focus on your own, pay attention to your body. Is it telling you to slow down? Are you tired? By focusing on the inward priorities you will soon be able to go outward once more. It’s time to put yourself first! 

    Lucky day:  19th November 

    Lucky Crystal: Orange Calcite

  • Guardian Angel

    You are loved more than you will ever realise. Your Guardian Angel is always present. Have you asked them for their help today? You may receive a feather, a butterfly or a song about Angels. There is nothing too trivial for your Angels’ ears. Ask and you shall receive.

    Lucky day: 15th November 

    Lucky Crystal: Ruby

  • Angel of Children

    It’s time to nurture your inner child, meet up with a friend that makes you laugh, read an old bedtime story, take part in a fun activity. You must get serious about having fun! For in having fun, you allow the wonder to enter your heart. Freeing yourself from duty and responsibility.

    Lucky day: 17th November 

    Lucky Crystal: Snowflake Obsidian 

  • Angel of Serenity 

    Sometimes the simple act of making time to read a good book has restorative benefits for your body and soul, try and take a break from social media for a few days and see how your body feels. Read a book, get out for a walk and leave your phone behind. This month, do what gives your head peace. No, is a full sentence. 

    Lucky day:  19th November 

    Lucky Crystal: Moss Agate

  • Angel of Healing

    This month, seek out a calm restful place. Your body may be tired and start to show signs of stress, make your healing a priority. You may also find yourself saying the word, No. it’s time to define your boundaries. 

    Lucky day: 26th November 

    Lucky Crystal: Jade

  • Angel of Miracles

    Do you believe in miracles? For your Angels believe you are one. Know that you deserve the very best and stop settling for less than you deserve. You are the lead actor in the stage of your life, so show the amateurs the door. 

    Lucky day:  16th November 

    Lucky Crystal:  Black Obsidian