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Angelscopes for August 2019

  • Angel of Dreams

    Our loved ones in spirit use our dreams state to visit. Pay attention to your dreams this month as a loved one is trying to give you signs that they are with you and at peace.

    Lucky Day:  15th August 2019

    Lucky Crystal: Ruby

  • Angel of Divine Timing

    Good fortune is on your side this month, everything will be falling into place around you, you simply need to have the patience and trust that the universe is working in your favour. Remember from small acorns, oaks do grow.

    Lucky Day: 22nd August 2019

    Lucky Crystal: Herkimer Diamond

  • Angel of Surrender & Release

    It’s time to let go clear your head and get outside. Sharing a problem with a friend may also give you another insight, stop carrying around another’s burden. You are enough.

    Lucky Day:  17th August 2019

    Lucky Crystal: Jade

  • Angel of Harmony
    Music lifts the soul, it’s time to put on your records on and dance away the blues. Tickets to a concert or a night out with live music restores your spirits. It’s time to turn the volume up.
    Lucky Day:  18th August 2019
    Lucky Crystal: Citrine
  • Angel of New Love

    For those of you that are single, this lucky omen is signalling a new love entering your life. For those coupled, invest in a date night and spend time reconnecting with your special person.

    Lucky Day: 17th August 2019

    Lucky Crystal: Rose Quartz

  • Angel of Miracles
    Miracles happen every day, a lucky opportunity and fortuitous change is winging its way into your life. Have faith and know you are worthy of good things and good people. Happiness is only a thought away.
    Lucky Day:  9th August 2019
    Lucky Crystal: Black Obsidian
  • Angel of Ideas & Inspiration

    This month listen to your body, your gut maybe guiding you to make the right decision regarding a situation / person. Stay grounded and allow the more impulsive ideas to remain at the side lines this month. Patience is a virtue.

    Lucky Day: 20th August 2019

    Lucky Crystal: Aventurine

  • Angel of Nature
    Connect with nature and the great outdoors this month. Get out of your head and into your heart, feel the sand beneath your toes or the earth beneath your feet. Perspective will find you outdoors
    Lucky Day:  21st August 2019
    Lucky Crystal: Rose Quartz
  • Angel of Children

    News of celebration or announcement finds you this month! This month will see a focus on family members visiting a loved one or simply a catch up with a sibling (or sister from another mister). A walk down memory lane can provide a good ole tonic.

    Lucky Day:  19th August 2019

    Lucky Crystal: Rhodochrosite

  • Angel of Retreat

    Time spent alone in a quiet contemplative mode can connect you with your truth. Nature can lift your spirits. The answers are within you, you simply need to trust yourself. You will know what to do when the time comes.

    Lucky Day: 11th August 2019

    Lucky Crystal: Sapphire

  • Angel of Support

    This month it’s time to ask for support / help from those around you. It could be connected to a work issue that needs to be addressed or emotional support from loved ones. ‘No’ is a full sentence.

    Lucky Day:  11th August 2019

    Lucky Crystal: Lilac Jade

  • Angel of Celebration

    Lady luck is shining on you this month, your intentions shape your reality, so pay attention to your thoughts as thoughts create things! You are worthy of love, abundance, health & happiness. Believe in yourself as good things are on the way.

    Lucky Day:  29th August 2019

    Lucky Crystal: Diamond