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Angelscopes for July 2018

  • Angel of Power

    It is time to speak your truth. Resist the urge to be passive aggressive or retreat into silence. Have the courage of your convictions. When truth is spoken no lie will stand against it. 


    Lucky Day:  20th July 2018

    Lucky Crystal: Clear Quartz

  • Angel of Support

    You are surrounded by an invisible team of helpers in spirit. Your Angels are simply a thought away. You may see feathers, see the numbers 444, or hear music with Angels in the title etc. 

    You also may need to ask for support in your life. Know you are worthy. Ask & you shall receive. 


    Lucky Day:  23rd July 2018

    Lucky Crystal: Emerald

  • Angel of Meditation

    In life we can feel isolated. Spending time alone is a good way of grounding your feelings.

    Do not alienate yourself. Reach out, call a friend. If you feel anxious know the answers lie within. Know this time is transitory. Sometimes painful endings are new beginnings.


    Lucky Day:  29th July 2018

    Lucky Crystal: Aventurine

  • Angel of Enchantment

    Don’t ever give up on your dreams. Life will always give us signs that we are on the right path. It can be a conversation overheard, a song or a strong gut feeling you must follow. It is never too late to begin again. Your dreams may be closer than you think…..


    Lucky Day:  25th July 2018

    Lucky Crystal: Jade             

  • Angel of Dreams

    Loved ones in spirit visit through our dreams. It is the easiest way for them to reassure us. Pay attention to your dreams. What are they telling you? Our subconscious can be very powerful when it is trying to tell us something. Are you listening? 


    Lucky Day: 30th July 2018

    Lucky Crystal: Moss Green Agate

  • Angel of Divine Timing

    Patience is a virtue, have it if you can….

    It is incredibly frustrating having to wait, be it for an important letter, a notification or significant phone call. Resist the urge to send another email or ring again. If it’s for you it will not pass you. Know that work is going on behind the scenes to deliver that answer for you…


    Lucky Day:  17th July 2018

    Lucky Crystal: Sapphire

  • Angel of Retreat

    Sometimes you need time alone. This week take a walk in nature, slow down. Self-care is key. Rest. Listen to your gut. The best advice comes from listening to your own wisdom. 


    Lucky Day:  12th July 2018

    Lucky Crystal: Ruby

  • Archangel Michae

    The mighty Archangel Michael is the Angel of courage, strength & empowerment. Invoke him when you need to cut chords from toxic people, situations & events in your life. Know you have the power to overcome any adversity & the presence of this Archangel in your Spread today is no coincidence…..


    Lucky Day:  18th July 2018

    Lucky Crystal: Black Tourmaline

  • Angel of Children

    There is an inner child in all of us. We need to laugh & play. Life can get so serious sometimes. We can get stuck in the drudgery of it all. Make a plan to meet a friend that makes you laugh for coffee. Watch a funny movie. Play music that lifts your spirit. Laughter soothes the weary soul. Make it a serious priority in your life today. 


    Lucky Day: 14th July 2018

    Lucky Crystal: Rainbow Moonstone

  • Angel of Intentions

    Our intentions work like magnets to bring our dreams into reality. You must focus on what it is you really want to bring into being. Stop looking at the lack in your life. Know that you are worthy of good things & good experiences. Start to look for the opportunity instead of the flaw. Raise your expectations & the universe will follow. 


    Lucky Day: 9th July 2018

    Lucky Crystal: Diamond

  • Angel of Answered Prayer

    Success is yours! You have the Midas touch Pisces. Your endeavours shall be successful this month, so strike while the irons hot. Know your self-belief is half the battle. Believe it and you shall achieve it. 


    Lucky Day:  10th July 2018

    Lucky Crystal: Sodalite 

  • Angel of Divine Timing

    All things happen in divine order & divine timing. You may have been banging on a door that has been closed to you. Step back. Allow perspective to find you. Patience will guide another door to open or key to turn. There’s more than one way to skin a cat! 


    Lucky Day:  28th July 2018

    Lucky Crystal: Rose Quartz