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Angelscopes for December 2019

  • Angel of Enchantment

    The unicorn is a symbol of hope and optimism, you are reminded that you are more powerful than you realise. No one can tell you how to think or act. Step into your power today, the only person who can make you truly happy is yourself. Seize the day!

    Lucky Day: 17th December 2019

    Lucky Crystal: Lapis Lazuli

  • Angel of Forgiveness

    When we hold onto a grudge, it can rot us from the inside out. Forgiveness truly sets you free to live your best life. Learn the lesson from betrayal and move forward. Do not let another’s cruelty ruin your ability to see the goodness in others and most importantly in yourself.

    Lucky Day:  13th December 2019

    Lucky Crystal: Topaz

  • Angel of Support

    You are surrounded by a Spirit team, this team is comprised of Spirit guides, Angels and your loved ones in Spirit. You may hear music, see signs or feel a presence around you. Please know you are always surrounded by love. The more you see signs the more sign you will be given. You are being supported by Spirit.

    Lucky Day: 29th December 2019

    Lucky Crystal: Rainbow Moonstone

  • Angel of Trust

    You have learned many lessons in your life. Trust once lost is the most difficult resource to regain. Its time now to trust yourself once more as you have integrated all of the lessons. If it feels right act on it, if it doesn’t, do not!

    Lucky Day:  24th December 2019

    Lucky Crystal: Diamond       

  • Angel of Harmony

    Music speaks to the soul, it connects us to a part of ourselves that reminds us who we truly are. Find time to day to listen to your favourite music / artists. Sing, dance and rejoice in the power that only music can bring to your life and mood.

    Lucky Day: 22nd December 2019

    Lucky Crystal: Orange Calcite

  • Angel of New Beginnings

    Endings are new beginnings, as you integrate the lessons of the past year, they become wisdom. It is time now to move into the light of a brand new day with positivity, hope and optimism. You deserve love happiness health and wealth. The best is yet to come.

    Lucky Day:  26th December 2019

    Lucky Crystal: Amethyst

  • Angel of Meditation

    Time alone is time well spent. There are moments in life where solitude can provide nourishment and tranquillity for the soul. It aids with clarity of thought and peace of mind. Spend time alone with nature and reconnect with the voice within.

    Lucky Day:  21st December 2019

    Lucky Crystal: Rose Quartz

  • Angel of Spiritual Growth

    Did you ask for a sign? Feathers are your loved ones in Spirit or your Angel’s way of showing you they are with you. You walk with your ancestors beside you. In your darkest moments you are surrounded by the love of Spirit. Look out for a sign today or angelic numbers, 111, 444 may pop up to show you that love never truly dies.

    Lucky Day:  20th December 2019

    Lucky Crystal: Black Obsidian

  • Arch Angel Michael

    Allow the mighty Arch Angel Michael to cut chords from you and those that would wish harm unto you. Arch Angel Michael bestows courage, strength, perseverance and patience upon you. You are not alone, ‘No’ is a full sentence. Your boundaries can only be defined by you.

    Lucky Day:  31st December 2019

    Lucky Crystal: Sodalite

  • Angel of Celebration

    You can die many ways in one lifetime. Someone can be dead to you while still living. You can change your entire life based on one conversation. There is a big shift coming into your life. This can be a change in attitude, a way of thinking or an ending of a particular aspect of your life. Endings are new beginnings. A time of great joy is on the way.

    Lucky Day: 25th December 2019

    Lucky Crystal: Ruby

  • Angel of Nature

    There is no such thing as bad weather only bad clothing! Get out in nature and clear your head. See the Robin that follows you as a sign from Spirit. It’s time to get out of your head and into your heart. Happiness is only a thought away.

    Lucky Day: 30th December 2019

    Lucky Crystal: Black Tormaline

  • Angel of Healing

    As this year draws to a close, its time to take into account all the lessons you have encountered this year. Allow the pain to be released and know the lessons you have learned will serve you well for the rest of your life. It is time now for new beginnings and new opportunities to enter your life. Don’t give up.

    Lucky Day:  28th December 2019

    Lucky Crystal: Emerald