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Angelscopes for February 2019

  • Angel of Manifestation

    Believe in your dreams, they are closer than they seem, surround yourself with people who remind you of this and feel good to be around, show the takers the backdoor. This month requires action not procrastination. Believe it and you can achieve it.

    Lucky Day:  28th February 2019

    Lucky Crystal: Emerald


  • Angel of Serenity

    This month sees you needing time alone. Read a book you’ve wanted to read or take a walk in nature, it’s time to let go of the self-destructive inner critic that keeps telling you what you’re doing wrong. Start to trust your gut and take time out for you starting now.

    Lucky Day:  4th February 2019

    Lucky Crystal: Green Jade

  • Angel of Divine Timing

    Patience is a virtue… please know your Spirit team are working behind the scenes to bring that dream of yours into reality. Please have faith in yourself and pay attention to any signs you may see (such as robins, coins, feathers), you are being helped at this time.

    Lucky Day: 20th February 2019

    Lucky Crystal: Citrine

  • Angel of Celebration

    Good news is on the way! The card of luck, love and prosperity has found you today, make a wish and send it into the full moons energy. Know that you are worthy of all these good things, pay attention to any signs the universe sends you, ask and you shall receive

    Lucky Day:  10th February 2019

    Lucky Crystal: Amethyst      

  • Angel of Answered Prayer

    Your prayer has been heard by your Angels, know that divine timing is at work, please be patient that they are working on a solution for you at this time, if you have asked for a sign, this is it! Have faith, help is on the way.

    Lucky Day: 27th February 2019

    Lucky Crystal: Champagne Quartz

  • Angel of Music

    Music is a gift from the Gods. It elevates our senses and can also be a doorway to precious memories and events of years gone by. Allow yourself to connect with music today, immerse yourself in happy memories and know how loved you are by your Angels, a song will always be sent to you in times of trouble to let you know they are near.

    Lucky Day:  28th February 2019

    Lucky Crystal: Tigers Eye

  • Angel of Spiritual Growth

    This month sees you forge ahead with plans and act on those hunches if you feel guided to contact a certain person or send that email… do so, the universe is supporting you and your endeavours at this time. The only obstacle in your path is yourself!

    Lucky Day: 14th February 2019

    Lucky Crystal: Herkimer Diamond

  • Angel of Trust

    Before you can trust others, you must allow yourself to trust your own instincts first. If something or someone does not sit with you then believe it. When someone shows you who they are, believe them.

    Lucky Day: 21st February 2019

    Lucky Crystal: Blue Lace Agate

  • Angel of Harmony

    It’s time to kick up your heels and dance, music soothes the soul, you can change your energetic frequency immediately by simply playing a favourite song. Don’t give your power away so easily this month, you don’t need to ask permission to enjoy yourself

    Lucky Day: 15th February 2019

    Lucky Crystal: Orange Calcite

  • Guardian Angel
    Your Guardian Angel is always near, you may hear a ringing sound in your ears, see white feathers or see the signs 111,444. This is simply your Angel letting you know that you are always surrounded. You are loved and are never alone. As you are reading this now, your Angel wants you to know, you are loved.
    Lucky Day: 14th January 2019
    Lucky Crystal: Ruby
  • Angel of Surrender & Release

    Stop procrastinating, it’s time to face the truth / reality you are facing with a current person / situation. Know you have the power within you to overcome any blocks and deal with any adversity. Denial isn’t just a river in Egypt.

    Lucky Day: 9th February 2019

    Lucky Crystal: Black Onyx

  • Angel of Support

    This month sees you being involved with groups of people, this can be hobbies, community events, family get-togethers or work projects etc. There is one common goal, and you will get a great sense of joy from helping. This is also a sign that your loved ones in Spirit are with you and sending you love.

    Lucky Day:  12th February 2019

    Lucky Crystal: Rose Quartz