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Angelscopes for May 2018

  • Angel of Spiritual Growth

    Abundance is yours for the taking, open your arms to receive and expect blessings to manifest. If you look for the problems you will attract them.

    Lucky Day: 11th May 2018

    Lucky Crystal: Citrine

  • Angel of Children

    It’s time to nurture your inner child, when was the last time you went on a swing? Or treated yourself to a 99 cone! The simple act of helping a child to colour in a picture can reconnect you with your sense of fun. Ask yourself what you can do today to bring out your playful side.

    Lucky Day:  24th May 2018

    Lucky Crystal: Ruby

  • Angel of Manifestation

    Your intentions manifest your reality, has your inner critic been running amuck as of late? It’s time to be your own best friend. Know you are worthy of love, happiness and success. You have the power to truly change your life.

    Lucky Day: 29th May 2018

    Lucky Crystal: Emerald

  • Angel of Playfulness

    Look for synchronistic signs, funny coincidences and repetitive numbers such as 11; 11,444 etc. entering your life. Your spirit guides are communicating with you and wish to bring laughter into your life. It’s time for you to get serious about having fun!

    Lucky Day: 17th May 2018

    Lucky Crystal: Rose Quartz

  • Angel of Balance

    Arch Angel Michael has entered your cards today. It is time to define a personal boundary with someone around you at present. You deserve to be treated with respect and compassion. Listen to your body it does not lie. It’s time to clear the deadwood…

    Lucky Day: 12th May 2018

    Lucky Crystal: Black Obsidion

  • Guardian Angel

    This card is a sign that your Guardian Angel has heard your call, if you have asked for a sign THIS IS IT! Know you are more loved than you will ever know and your Guardian Angel is merely a thought away, what are you waiting for?

    Lucky Day:  7th May 2018

    Lucky Crystal: Ruby Zoisite

  • Angel of Nature

    This is a great time if you’re planning a holiday or a trip, sometimes a simple walk in your local park can rejuvenate your spirits. It’s also a lovely time to get out into your garden and see the abundance in everyone and everything.

    Lucky Day: 10th May 2018

    Lucky Crystal: Rose Quartz

  • Angel of Trust

    Trust your gut, as it never lies! People may change, but energy never changes. When you have been betrayed, the energy of that betrayal stays with you, hence when you meet someone untrustworthy your soul recognises the energy again. It’s time to listen…

    Lucky Day:  15th May 2018

    Lucky Crystal: Blue Lace Agate

  • Angel of Enchantment

    The unicorn in this card reminds you of being optimistic despite your situation. The swan in the background is about the soulmate connection. Stay grounded and know new opportunities are just around the corner.


    Lucky Day: 5th May 2018

    Lucky Crystal: Sapphire

  • Angel of Forgiveness

    It’s time to let go and let God. When we hold a grudge we imprison ourselves inside a cage of anger. The only person who holds a key to this cage is you. It’s time to unlock the door and begin a new chapter.

    Lucky Day: 28th May 2018

    Lucky Crystal: Searphinite

  • Angel of Ideas & Inspiration

    Has your mind been racing as of late? Have you had trouble sleeping? Your Guardian Angel is trying to get you out in in nature, it is time to clear your head and breathe in fresh air. Allow yourself to be grounded by nature as the path becomes clearer around you.

    Lucky Day: 25th May 2018

    Lucky Crystal: Peridot

  • Angel of Intention

    Set your intentions and they will manifest into reality. Thoughts become things, clear your head of misplaced doubt and fear, surround yourself with positive people that inspire you. Watch as those intentions manifest into your life.

    Lucky Day:  28th May 2018

    Lucky Crystal: Lavender Jade