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Angelscopes for April 2019

  • Angel of Ideas & Inspiration

    Trust your gut and act on those hunches. Stay true to yourself this month and do not allow yourself to be influenced by the opinions of others. Emotions are not facts!

    Lucky Day:  10th April 2019

    Lucky Crystal: Flourite

  • Guardian Angel

    Some time alone this month Aries, will help you gain perspective on a situation that has caused stress and frustration around you. Get out in the fresh air and ask your Angels to give you a sign, help is on the way.

    Lucky Day:  16th April 2019

    Lucky Crystal: Ruby



    Angel of Meditation

    Take a cleansing shower or relaxing soak in bath, walk along a beach so you can clear all the emotional stress you’ve been carrying. Share your problem with a friend or loving family member. April sees you gain perspective on an old issue.

    Lucky Day: 25th April 2019

    Lucky Crystal: Rose Quartz

  • Angel of Intention

    Your intentions create your realities. Negative thought and emotions will manifest but take longer. Surround yourself with people who lift you up and share your vision in how life should be. Just do it!

    Lucky Day:  21st April 2019

    Lucky Crystal: Amethyst

  • Angel of Body Care

    This month sees a focus on your health and physical body, you may start a healthy eating plan, join a gym and begin a healing course of treatments etc. Your body is always talking to you don’t you think it’s finally time you listened|!

    Lucky Day: 23rdApril 2019

    Lucky Crystal: Moss Agate

  • Angel of Harmony

    Your guides/Angels are sending you messages through music at this time. Pay attention to repetitive songs as your guides are trying to help you with your current life situation. Music truly lifts the soul allow it to lift yours.

    Lucky Day:  21st April 2019

    Lucky Crystal: Amber

  • Angel of Answered Prayer

    Did you ask for a sign? This card is a wonderful omen of good luck and opportunity. Know you deserve happiness and your Angels are working behind the scenes to bring an answer to your question. Stay positive.

    Lucky Day:  20th April 2019

    Lucky Crystal: Green Jade

  • Angel of surrender & Release

    Boundaries, boundaries, boundaries! ‘No’ is a full sentence. This month sees you put your foot down and honour your self-worth.

    Lucky Day:  30th April 2019

    Lucky Crystal: Black Onyx

  • Angel of Serenity

    This month sees you look into a new course or hobby, trust your gut as the universe may be sending you signs to confirm this. It’s time to break out of a rut and begin something new.

    Lucky Day:  17th April 2019

    Lucky Crystal: Rainbow Moonstone

  • Angel of Nature

    Its time to allow your creativity to manifest, this could be through a gardening project, spring cleaning the house, decorating or taking up a new hobby. Start to write a list or a plan of action. Welcome all things new into your life.

    Lucky Day: 20th April 2019

    Lucky Crystal: Lavender Jade

  • Angel of Signs

    Your loved ones in Spirit are always giving you signs that they are happy and at peace. You may notice a chirpy Robin following you, feathers in your path or a song that invokes memories, constantly on the radio. There is no such thing as coincidence! Know you are loved.

    Lucky Day:  18th April 2019

    Lucky Crystal: Lapis Lazuli

  • Angel of Miracles

    You deserve a miracle, a situation you thought hopeless will start to turn around. Know you are being helped by Spirit behind the scenes. Have faith and know happiness is a frame of mind.

    Lucky Day: 27th April 2019

    Lucky Crystal: Citrine