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Angelscopes for December 2018

  • Angel of Power

    Gemini, it may be time to give a family member / loved one a piece of your tongue. Some home truths are better served cold. It’s time to define a personal boundary and stop crossing oceans for those that wouldn’t cross a puddle for you

    Lucky Day: December 24th

    Lucky Crystal: Black Obsidion



  • Angel of Balance

    Be careful the amount the commitment you take this Christmas Aries. You might find yourself juggling too much responsibilities and be burnt out by Christmas day! Delegate where you can and it may be time to say no to a certain individual. Make plans for merriment and you shall be celebrating under the mistletoe.

    Lucky Day: December 15th

    Lucky Crystal: Labradorite


  • Soulmate

    If you are single, the soulmate card is a sign to you that a new love interest will shortly be entering your life, know that you are worthy of true love. Stay positive and know that love is around the corner. For those of you in a relationship, it’s time to set a date or have a date night with your significant other. Step away from the drudgery and into your best friend’s arms.

    Lucky Day: December 24th

    Lucky Crystal: Rose Quartz



  • Angel of Manifestation

    Have you any idea of how powerful you are? Your intentions shape your reality, so what are the current thoughts running through your mind right now? Surround yourself with people who lift you up and promote positive mental attitude. You hold the keys to transform your life. So what are you waiting for?

    Lucky Day: December 28th

    Lucky Crystal: Emerald



  • New Love

    If single, this card is about a new love winging its way to you. Stay positive and know you are worthy of true love. For those in a couple, it’s about injecting some spice into your relationship and making time for each other. The Angels love romance and long to see you happy.

    Lucky Day:  December 29th

    Lucky Crystal:  Rhodenite



  • Angel of Forgiveness

    When we are trapped in bitterness and resentment we are truly held prisoner by our own thoughts. You are the only person that can liberate yourself from feelings of despondency and regret. Talk to a friend or get professional help. It’s time to leave the past behind and move into the light of a brand new day where hope lives once more

    Lucky day: December 22nd

    Lucky Crystal:  Onyx


  • Angel of Trust

    Try and break out of your routine this Christmas Taurus! Try something new, go out somewhere different! You may also have a reunion with old friends/flame! Know that a period of strife is coming to an end and look forward to a 2019, full of hidden blessings. It’s time to believe good things really do happen to people like you.

    Lucky day:  December 21st

    Lucky Crystal: Blue lace Agate




  •  Arch Angel Michael

    It’s time to cut those chords, 2019 sees you free of attachments and unhealthy dynamic. Know you possess the courage to walk away from people and situations that no longer serve you. You are the lead actor in your life and you get to decide who comes and goes.

    Lucky day: December 27th

    Lucky Crystal:  Clear Quartz


  • Angel of New Beginnings

    As you close this chapter on 2018, take the lessons you have learned throughout the year, know that 2019 heralds a new chapter in your life – one full of hope, positivity and love. Please believe in new beginnings as they always come after painful endings

    Lucky day: December 21st

    Lucky Crystal: Pearl



  •  Angel of Ideas & Inspiration

    Pay attention to your thoughts as your Angels may be guiding you toward helpful people. You will meet these individuals in a course/ hobby / training atmosphere . People enter our lives for a reason, season or lifetime. Know the helpers are on the way

    Lucky Day:  December 22nd

    Lucky Crystal: Moonstone


  • Guardian Angel

    Angels love Christmas, they love anytime family comes together to celebrate and rejoice. Christmas can also be a lonely time for some, please know that your Angel has come into your cards today to let you know how loved you are. Ask for a sign over Christmas and you shall receive!

    Lucky Day:  December 26th

    Lucky Crystal:  Ruby



  • Enchantment

    Do you believe in dreams coming true? Have you become disillusioned? It is time to have hope once more. Know you have courage and no one can take away your power unless you give them permission to do so. Step up and out into a brand new year, the power lies within you

    Lucky Day: December 19th

    Lucky Crystal: Sodalite