• Guardian Angel

    Your Guardian Angel is always near. They are assigned to you from the moment of your birth and have accompanied you along your path. Please know you are never alone, a white feather is a symbol they are near. This card is also a sign that a new change / favourable outcome is on the way. Don’t give up hope.

    Lucky Day:  27th January 2020

    Lucky Crystal: Ruby

  • Angel of Study

    2020 will be a year of opportunities for you. It’s time to get very clear regarding your intentions. Opportunities for study or to work on collaborative projects may also arise. Remember, nothing happens outside of your comfort zone.

    Lucky Day: 11th January 2020

    Lucky Crystal: Rainbow Moonstone

  • Angel of Retreat

    It’s time to venture outdoors as the nights begins to grow short once more. You need to ground your energy and place your feet on solid earth. It’s time to get out of your head and into your heart. Sometimes we need alone time or space to figure things out. Take back your power.

    Lucky Day:  28th January 2020

    Lucky Crystal: Blue Agate

  • Angel of Blessings

    An invitation to a joyful celebration is winging its way to you, lady luck favours you this month. It’s time to take a chance on a new beginning and know you deserve the very best.

    Lucky Day:  23rd January 2020

    Lucky Crystal: Citrine

  • Angel of Intention

    Energy follows intention. When we set an intention, energy flows toward it. Be very aware of your thoughts this month, draw up a plan for the year and take action in booking those flights, concerts, ringing up friends / loved ones you wish to visit. Stop putting things on the back burner make 2020 your best year yet. Seize the day!

    Lucky Day: 24th January 2020

    Lucky Crystal: Amethyst

  •   Angel of Power

    Take back your power. This month sees you define your boundaries with an individual that is constantly crossing one! You may find yourself delivering a few home truths. Sometimes you need to let someone know exactly where they stand with you. ‘No’ is a full sentence.

    Lucky Day:  22nd January 2020

    Lucky Crystal: Black Obsidian

  • Angel of Answered Prayer

    Did you ask for a sign? Taurus, the sky is the limit this year if you set your intentions high. Believe in yourself! Know you are worthy of good things and good things will happen for you. The best is yet to come!

    Lucky Day:  20th January 2020

    Lucky Crystal: Emerald

  • Angel of Signs

    Did you ask for a sign? Our Spirit guides and loved ones in Spirit give us signs on a daily basis. You may see repetitive numbers 111,222,333, etc. This is also another sign that you are being watched over and loved. Please know the tide is turning on your current circumstances and new opportunities / love are coming your way.

    Lucky Day:  19th January 2020

    Lucky Crystal: Sapphire

  • Angel of Children

    This is a wonderful card if you are looking to add to your family or start a family. The other aspect of this card is about nurturing your inner child. Ring a good friend, laugh, and make time to play with your children / grandchildren. Laughter is medicine to the soul. You deserve to be happy.

    Lucky Day:  10th January 2020

    Lucky Crystal: Rose Quartz

  • Angel of Ideas & Inspiration

    Sometimes our heads can be a busy place to be. A thought aired is a thought shared. This month sees you find perspective on a circumstance you are currently facing. It’s time to let your friends support you. A time of completion is drawing near.

    Lucky Day: 30th January 2020

    Lucky Crystal: Malachite

  • Angel of Body Care

    This month sees you address dietary concerns / fitness plan. Please start something slowly as you will be more likely to stick to it. Love your body and give it what it needs. Listen to what your body is telling you, it may need rest, water or simply time to heal. Engage in some self-care this month and your body will thank you for it.

    Lucky Day:  19th January 2020

    Lucky Crystal: Aventurine

  • Angel of Divine Timing

    Patience is a virtue, have it if you can! This month may see you frustrated with financial delays and all manner of structures blocking your path. Please know they are being re-routed for something even better. Take this time to revaluate your current course and know there’s more than one way to skin a cat!

    Lucky Day:  31st January 2020

    Lucky Crystal: Black Tourmaline