Faeryscopes for September 2020

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Angel of Children 

This month sees you care for your inner child. What songs and games did you love as a child ? Look at some old photos today, connect with a childhood friend, take a walk in a favorite childhood park or visit a place that gave you happy memories. It’s all about happy memories today Aries, recall what makes you smile. 

Lucky Day: 22nd September 2020

Lucky Crystal: Ruby

 Angel of Support

 It’s time to call on a friend’s support or possibly lend your shoulder to a friend. It is important to give as receive. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. You deserve support.

Lucky Day: 20th September 2020

Lucky Crystal: Kunzite

Angel of Ideas & Inspiration

Be aware of signs and synchronicities today Gemini. Your guides may be showing you helpful ideas and guiding you towards a solution to your current dilemma. Don’t dismiss those small ideas that pop into your head!

Lucky Day: 15th September 2020

Lucky Crystal: Sodalite

Angel of Romance

 Cancer, you are in the mood for love this month! Whether single or in a couple, get ready to pay attention to yourself. Set the mood for love. Crystals such as rose quartz help amplify love in your life and add a touch of joy to your current situation.


Lucky Day: 10th September 2020

Lucky Crystal: Rose Quartz


Soulmates teach us many lessons in life. Soulmates can challenge us and can also leave us shaken. A soulmate experience will leave a lasting impression. Make sure to hold on to yourself and find your voice in your current situation. Do not ignore the warning signs. 

Lucky Day: 17th September 2020

Lucky Crystal: Tiger’s Eye

 Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael has made it his way into your cards today, to let you know you are supported here and guided by this wonderful Angel. Wear blue, as he is connected to this color and his crystal is clear quartz. Archangel Michael gives courage, strength and helps you speak your truth and stand in your power.


Lucky Day: 27th September 2020

Lucky Crystal: Sodalite

Angel of New Beginnings

 Painful endings are often disguised as new beginnings. It’s time to turn the page and begin a new chapter in your life. The future beckons with hope and promise. Don’t give up, a solution is just around the corner. 

Lucky Day: 28th September 2020

Lucky Crystal: Clear Quartz

 Angel of Signs 

Pay attention to signs or synchronicities that may follow you today. You may hear a song repeatedly on the radio or have a hunch about calling somebody. Please trust your gut, it is never wrong. Act on your intuition today and you will be grateful tomorrow. 


Lucky Day: 16th September 2020

Lucky Crystal: Smokey Quartz

Angel of Divine Timing

Patience is a virtue, have it if you can! It’s time to take stock and take a step back. You could be overthinking a problem or finding too many issues to block you on your current path. Take a step back, gain perspective and start afresh.

Lucky Day: 21st September 2020

Lucky Crystal: Amythest

Angel of Friendships

It’s time to connect with an old friend today. Send an email, connect over social media or lift the phone. There’s no friend like an old friend and friendships lifts our hearts and truly reminds us of who we are. It’s time to laugh and recount old times. 


Lucky Day: 22nd September 2020

Lucky Crystal: Rhodochrosite

Angel of Balance

 Aquarius, you may have felt stressed lately and out of kilter. Connect with nature and try to sort out the work / life balance at this time. Ask for support if needed. Truly listen to your gut, as it is telling you what it needs right now. It may be time to put the foot down and say no. 


Lucky Day: 29th September 2020

Lucky Crystal: Aventurine

Angel of Body Care

Pisces, it is time to look after yourself and your body. Listen to your body’s guidance, it could be telling you to seek guidance about your diet or get out in the fresh air more. Your body truly knows what is good for you. It’s time to start listening!

Lucky Day: 14th September 2020

Lucky Crystal: Jade

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