Faeryscopes for January 2021

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Angel of New Beginnings 

It’s time to welcome all things new. You may be tempted to start a new fitness routine or healthy eating programme. Make the choice that is right for your body. Feel the strength return to you. 

Lucky Day: 17th January 

Lucky Crystal: Citrine 

Angel of Children 

It’s time to start a new hobby or get active. The spring beckons. A clearout is due. It’s time to clear the clutter & make room in your life for all things new. 

Lucky Day:  23rd January 

Lucky Crystal: Malachite 

Angel of Opportunity 

A stranger presents a new opportunity this month. Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth. Grab it with both hands! Don’t be afraid to put yourself first, or put your name in the hat as a contender. Luck is on your side!

Lucky Day: 26th January 

Lucky Crystal: Champagne Quartz 

Angel of Signs 

The universe is listening. You may see master numbers, repetitive songs, or a little Robin is following you. You are surrounded by love from Spirit. It’s time to trust yourself & act. 

Lucky Day: 24th January 

Lucky Crystal: Fluorite 


Soulmates teach us powerful life lessons. Boundaries are important in every relationship. This month sees you clarify yours, about what you’re looking for in a relationship and what is deal breaker. Speak your truth. 

Lucky Day: 12th January

Lucky Crystal: Rose Quartz 

Angel of Truth & Integrity 

Home truths are being served by you Virgo this month. You may feel avoided in the workplace or family as you will have no filter with your words. It’s time to redefine your boundaries and remind people who you are. You got this! 

Lucky Day: 19th January 

Lucky Crystal: Smoky Quartz 

Angel of Answered Prayer 

Miracles happen every single day. Why wouldn’t it happen for you? Pay attention to your thoughts, as a negative attitude will attract negative situations. You deserve to be happy. Never give up hope for a brighter tomorrow. 

Lucky Day: 26th January 

Lucky Crystal: Topaz 

Archangel Michael 

The Archangel of courage & strength emboldens you this month. You will feel empowered to make overdue changes and find your voice. It’s a great time to push forward with a project or idea. 

Lucky Day: 29th January 

Lucky Crystal: Selenite 

Angel Of Spiritual Growth 

The cards life deals us can be very cruel. Learning to cope after a major life readjustment can take some time. Give that time some time. Appreciate the ordinary . Find joy in the mundane simple things. One step at a time you will get there. Don’t give up. 

Lucky Day: January 30th 

Lucky Crystal: Kyanite 

Angel of Power 

Speak your truth this month. A new opportunity arrives in the form of a text / email /Dm etc 

Be assertive. Fate favours the brave. 

Lucky Day: 14th January 

Lucky Crystal: Lapis Lazuli

Angel of Abundance 

Check your mindset this month Aquarius. The world can be your oyster, if you believe you deserve good things. See the positive and know good things are on the way. 

Lucky Day: 18th January 

Lucky Crystal: lazulite 

Angel of Trust 

It’s fine to take a leap of faith Pisces. Common sense is useful but learn to discern the voice of reason from your fear talking. It’s time to make some long overdue changes. 

Lucky Day: 25th January 

Lucky Crystal: Amethyst 

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