Faeryscopes for April 2021

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You deserve to be happy Aries. Don’t give up hope! A successful outcome/ happy solution will brighten your month. A problem aired is a problem shared. 

Lucky day: 15th April

Lucky Crystal: Citrine 

It’s time to let your inner child out to play! Playing your favourite music , connecting with fun friends, treating yourself to an ice cream or other simple pleasures will lift your mood this month. A trip down memory lane is just what the doctor ordered! 

Lucky day:  10th April

Lucky Crystal: Sodalite 

Your intention shapes your reality. Decide what you want this month and go for it! The only person holding you back is yourself. It’s time to begin new projects and put yourself out in the world again. 

Lucky day: 17th April

Lucky Crystal: Opal 

This powerful Angel has appeared to help you define your personal boundaries and sever any toxic attachments around you. Only you know what is keeping you stuck? Help appears in the most unlikely places. 

Lucky day: 22nd April

Lucky Crystal: Ruby 

It’s time to arrange a zoom call with old friends. Collect old photos or memories to share. Friendship is so important, as our friends remind us of who we are and how much potential we have. They accept us completely. Seek out those kindred souls today for an overdue catch up. Lift the phone, don’t wait to be called…

Lucky day: 22nd April 

Lucky Crystal: Clear Quartz

We all need healing from time to time. Living in a pandemic, our mental health can take a hammering. Look after yourself, chat to family or friends. Get out for a walk in your 5k. Decorate , bake, paint or garden. Start a creative project that will lift your spirits. 

Lucky day: 28th April 

Lucky Crystal: Aventurine 

Your subconscious speaks to you through your dreams. It’s also a way your loved ones in spirit pop in from time to time to say hello! Our dreams can also reveal what’s really stressing us out. Develop a good bedroom routine, keep a dream journal and keep that phone out of the bedroom! 

Lucky day: 12th April

Lucky Crystal: Rose Quartz 

Our Angels our already listening. This month you may receive really positive news about a situation you are worried about. Visualise yourself receiving this news and say thank you for the blessings I’m about to receive. The universe is listening. 

Lucky day: 29th April 

Lucky Crystal: Champagne Quartz 

You may be considering redecorating or a complete house de-clutter recently. Your energy is clearing and making way for new positive experiences in your life. Start one small project, such as a bedside locker and move on to bigger tasks. A lot can be achieved if you’re in the right frame of mind. 

Lucky day:  30th April 

Lucky Crystal:  Lapis Lazuli

The universe is always listening and sending you signs. You may get a hunch to call a particular person or send an email. DO IT! Your intuition is guiding you for your highest good. Don’t procrastinate any further! 

Lucky day:  25th April

Lucky Crystal: Cherry Quartz 

Baby news is in the air! Angels love children and surround pregnant mothers on their journey. This also means an exciting new project / new person is on the way to you! 

Lucky day: 21st April

Lucky Crystal: Crystal Topaz 

If you ever feel threatened say

“I call my power back to me”

No one has the power to take your power away from you. Define your personal boundaries. You show the world how to treat you. Stop settling for less than you deserve. 

Lucky day:  16th April 

Lucky Crystal:  Black Tourmaline 

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