Faeryscopes for October 2020

Click on your sign to read what lies in store for you this month!


Angel of Children

Look after your inner child this month Aries. Do something fun! Dance to your favourite music , look through old photos. The more we allow ourselves to play, the lighter you will feel about your current situation.


Lucky day: 19th October

Lucky Crystal: Green Jade

Angel of Answered prayer

Your Spirit team are always listening. Have you asked for a sign? Know that the wheel always turns. You have a strength within you that ignites in times of trouble. Don’t give up.


Lucky day:  20th October

Lucky Crystal: Citrine

Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael has crossed your path today, to bring a wave of positive energy around you. An old chapter is closing and a new one beckons. Archangel Michael gives you the courage to face whatever lies in store.

Lucky day: 15th October

Lucky Crystal: Sodalite

Truth & Integrity

Dot your eyes & cross your T’s Cancer! The devil is in the detail this month. Do not assume anything! Don’t be afraid to get a second opinion or seek clarity regarding an issue you’re currently facing. No is a full sentence.

Lucky day: 22nd October

Lucky Crystal: Goldstone

Angel of Focus

Leo it’s time to get your thinking cap on! You may be looking to sort out your personal finances. Draw up a practical budget. Break down your goal into achievable targets. You got this!

Lucky day: 27th October

Lucky Crystal:  Malachite

New Love

Love is in the Autumn air for you  Virgo! Have you tried online dating? Romance is only a click away! For those Virgos in couples, a walk through the Autumn leaves restores the senses and gives you both time to have a heart to heart about an important issue.

Lucky day: 28th of October

Lucky Crystal: Selenite

Angel of New Beginnings

Painful Endings are sometimes disguised as new beginnings Libra. You may have felt the scales have been tipped against you this last while. Your luck is changing for the better. Don’t give up, as happiness is just around the next corner.

Lucky day: 17th October

Lucky Crystal: Rose Quartz

Angel of Balance

Scorpio, mind your headspace this month. As those dark autumnal evenings start to creep in, you may notice a shift in your mood. Burn scented candles, keep your home warm & cosy. You will start to feel your equilibrium restored once more.

Lucky day: 29th  October

Lucky Crystal: Smoky Quartz

Angel of Signs

Did you ask for a sign?

Your loved ones in Spirit are always trying to let you know how loved you are. Repetitive numbers, feathers, a chirpy robin can be a loved ones way of saying hello! Pay attention to the signs, as help is on the way!

Lucky day:  October 31st

Lucky Crystal:  Black Obsidian

Angel of Divine Guidance

Know that you are in perfect alignment in your life right now. You are not behind or indeed ahead of yourself! You are exactly where you are meant to be. Stop stressing over issues you have no control over. Within you lie the answers.

Lucky day:  13th October

Lucky Crystal: Pyrite

 Angel of Abundance

It’s time to get that positive mindset on this month Aquarius! You can truly create your reality! It starts with setting healthy boundaries and believing in yourself. You got the power.

Lucky day: 22nd October

Lucky Crystal:  Aventurine

Angel of Trust

Trust once broken is incredibly difficult to restore. This month sees you close a painful chapter in your life. It may be time to give yourself permission to have closure Pisces without an apology.

Trust the lesson & the process.

You got this.  

Lucky day:  19th October

Lucky Crystal:  Rainbow Moonstone

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