Faeryscopes for July 2020

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If you’re single, get ready for new beginnings and new love to enter your life. A new chapter new job is beckoning to you. Have hope in your heart, as all opportunities are beginning to manifest.

Lucky Day: 17th July 2020

Lucky Crystal: Rose Quartz

It’s time to connect with those who make you laugh. Listen to a funny film, call a person who lifts your spirits. Time spent in play is food for the soul.

Lucky Day: 22nd July 2020

Lucky Crystal: Rhodochrosite

Mercury is in retrograde until the 12th, so be careful of your words this month Gemini. Wait until later in the month for you may come away with a limb.

Lucky Day: 4th July 2020

Lucky Crystal: Black Obsidian

Feathers, coins, repetitive numbers or songs are ways your Angels let you know they are with you. Have you asked for a sign? Know you are surrounded by love and protection.


Lucky Day: 20th July 2020

Lucky Crystal: Kyanite

Soulmates are teachers who come into our lives to help us awaken to our truth. A soulmate relationship can be incredibly intense, remember your boundaries and hold on to your truth.

Lucky Day: 29th July 2020

Lucky Crystal: Larimar

This global pandemic has taught us all many spiritual lessons, looking after each other, environmental concerns and fairness for all. Be gentle with yourself today as the universe is shifting and changing on a global level.

Lucky Day: 15th July 2020

Lucky Crystal: Clear Quartz

You may be thinking of embarking on a new project, hobby, course etc. This is your sign that you are on the right path and it’s time for you to embrace new beginnings and challenges. Go for it!

Lucky Day: 14th July 2020

Lucky Crystal: Angel Aura Quartz

It’s time to lean on a friend or ask for advice. You must learn to balance your giving and receiving. Allow a friend to lean on your shoulder or you ask for their shoulder to lean on. It’s good to talk. A problem aired is a problem shared.


Lucky Day: 18th July 2020

Lucky Crystal: Jade

It’s time to let go of what you have been carrying for so long. Talk with a friend, release your fear, connect with nature. Worries are fears that have not been released. It’s time to let go.

Lucky Day: 13th July 2020

Lucky Crystal: Aventurine

Lucky Crystal: Aventurine

Trust once broken is near impossible to restore. Be gentle with yourself, develop patience and know this time of doubt is coming to an end. You are worthy of trust and love.


Lucky Day: 21st July 2020

Lucky Crystal: Blue Lace Agate

Pay attention to any contracts, legal issues or letters that may need addressing this month. The devil is in the detail. Reread or review anything that is niggling at you. Caution is advised.

Lucky Day: 25th July 2020

Lucky Crystal: Tiger’s Eye

Listening is a very important skill. Learn to listen to the other person before rushing in with your comments or words. Take a breath, truly study what they’re saying as sometimes it’s not what the person says, it’s their actions that speak louder. What is a person’s actions or non-actions telling you? When somebody shows you who they are, believe them.

Lucky Day: 25th July 2020

Lucky Crystal: Lepidolite


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