Faeryscopes for June 2021

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This month will see you look at your diet and fitness routine intensely. Make the necessary changes to elevate your mood. Getting out in nature will really raise your spirits and your motivation. Don’t put off now, what you can do tomorrow.

Lucky Day: 22nd June 

Lucky Crystal:  Aventurine 

This month will see music around you. You may be meeting up with friends for the first time in a while, celebrating. You may also be listening to some favourite old tunes that really lift your spirit. Either way, this month will see your spirit soar and old friendships rekindled. 

Lucky Day:  11th June 

Lucky Crystal:  Emerald 

This month will see you take time out. It may be in order to study for exams, or you may simply have to look at some legalities or legal documents around you, that may need further scrutinisation or look further. Some time alone will be well spent, as it gives you clarity on an issue you are facing.

Lucky Day: 17th June

Lucky Crystal:  Black Obsidian 

This month sees happy news reach you. This card is also the victory card and your endeavours will be met with success and good luck. This is the month to take a chance and move forward with hope in your heart. 

Lucky Day:  28th June

Lucky Crystal: Rose Quartz 

This month sees you facing choices around you. Lead with your head and not your heart. Look at the facts surrounding this situation and use your wisdom to guide you, to make the best decision for you at this moment. 

Lucky Day: 30th June

Lucky Crystal: Jade 

You may need to look at your sleep patterns this month. You may be overtired and look at your vitamins that you are taking into your body. It may be time to get your bloods done and regulate your energy. Know sleep is really important and sometimes Spirit choose to communicate with those through our dreams. This is a sign your loved ones are surrounding you with love and support.

Lucky Day: 29th June

Lucky Crystal: Garnet 

This month sees you dance with your friends and surround yourself with music. There may be old fashioned catchups here and reminiscing of times gone past. You may have your music on to raise your energy. You do not need a photo album to remind you of all the good times and memories that music has associated themselves to. Play those records today and lift your spirits.

Lucky Day: 20th June

Lucky Crystal: Goldstone 

This month sees you get out and about. It may be visiting a park, a beach, or forest that draws your senses. It may also be time to do some gardening and restore some order to your wee plot of heaven on this earth. A trip to the garden center or even gardens that give you stimulation and inspiration will really elevate your spirit and give you ideas of what you can do with your own plot of land. Don’t forget there’s a little Robin following you, which may be a sign from Spirit.

Lucky Day: 15th June

Lucky Crystal: Tiger’s Eye 

Everything in life is cyclical. Endings can be new beginnings. Please know the wheel will always turn and a time of closure is drawing near. This is also a sign that something fantastic is about to enter into your life and the tide of change is arriving. 

Lucky Day: 12th June

Lucky Crystal: Citrine 

Signs are all around you. Your loved ones in Spirit and Angels surround you every day, always sending signs your way. Repetitive signs such as master numbers, 111, 222, 444 are signs that Spirit are guiding you on the correct path. They can also be feathers and butterflies etc. Please know you are being guided this time. Take this card as a sign that you are being heard and guided. Holdfast, help is on the way.

Lucky Day: 18th June

Lucky Crystal: Sodalite 

This card signifies a period of research or study around you at present. You may need further facts or to consult an expert about the situation / issue you are currently facing. For the students that are reading this, it means a time of intense scrutiny and exams as you prepare yourself. Know this is a fantastic sign that lady luck is shining on you and victory is insight. Holdfast, motivate yourself and know the end is in sight. It also is a card that signifies signature on legal issues, documents or court case. The devil is in the detail. 

Lucky Day: 19th June

Lucky Crystal: Rainbow Fluorite 

This Angel aligns your attentions. What are your thoughts like? Is your inner critic running the show? It’s time to seek balance, get outside, get in nature, share a problem with a friend. Align your intentions with your goals. You deserve to be happy / healthy / loved/ successful. Know you have the power to manifest everything you want in your life. Holdfast and be true to who you are and filter out the negativity.

Lucky Day: 23rd June

Lucky Crystal: Kyanite 

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