Faeryscopes for May 2020

Click on your sign to read what lies in store for you this month!

Avoid Melancholy & moodiness this month Aries!

Surround yourself with good food, music & inspiring books/ movies. Look after your mental health. 

Lucky Day: 4th May 2020

Lucky Crystal: Rhodonite 

Birthday Bulls may be stomping their hoofs in frustration with quarantine. Get out for fresh air or start a gardening project. Take an online fitness class. Hang in there!

Lucky Day: 11th May 2020

Lucky Crystal: Lazulite

After you’ve finished cleaning your house within an inch of it’s life, you are itching for another project. Learn to sit with your pain Gemini. Know this chapter is nearly over. Call an old friend. 

Lucky Day: 24th May 2020

Lucky Crystal: Emerald

Hang in there Cancer. Decorate or rearrange a bedroom space. Stay away from drama llamas & gossip gophers!

Lucky Day: 20th May 2020

Lucky Crystal: Ruby

The Lion is growing impatient. Leo, manage those bursts of energy by taking an online fitness class or getting out for a walk. Watch your diet, the need to comfort eat will make you cranky. Set healthy goals.

Lucky Day: 17th May 2020

Lucky Crystal: Citrine

Emotional eating or self medicating can be very tempting. You may feel emotionally overwhelmed. Stay grounded. Get out the sage. Clear the closets & your clutter!

Lucky Day: 13th May 2020

Lucky Crystal: Rose Quartz

The scales of balance can tip Libra! Stay grounded. Get out for fresh air! Skype/ zoom / WhatsApp dear family & friends. Attempt the baking project!

Lucky Day: 29th May 2020

Lucky Crystal: Smokey Quartz

You may feel very frustrated & trapped by now. You’re nearly there! Try putting Smokey Quartz under your pillow & burning essential oils. It’s gonna be ok….

Lucky Day: 30th May 2020

Lucky Crystal: Lapis Lazuli

Saggies may be climbing the walls this month. Attempt a garden project or get the power hose out! Burn essential oil. Connect online with those you love. Avoid the eejits!

Lucky Day: 15th May 2020

Lucky Crystal: Kyanite

You may be feeling very sensitive and sad. Walk off those feelings of paranoia. Wave those fair weather friends goodbye!

Lucky Day: 19th May 2020

Lucky Crystal: Aventurine

All the emotional Himalayan salt baths & burning lavender oil will soothe your Spirit. Try not to take everything too personally. Count to ten..! Get out & walk it off!

Lucky Day: 22nd May 2020

Lucky Crystal: Rainbow Moonstone

Be grateful for those that love you. Know you are loved. Connect with old friends you’ve lost touch with. Start a vision board. You deserve to be happy.

Lucky Day: 10th May 2020

Lucky Crystal: Rose Quartz

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