Faeryscopes for January 2022

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This month sees you set boundaries around you, It could be a verbal boundary or a physical. Those who do not treat you with respect are not welcome in your home or place of work. It’s time to draw a line. Keep your friends close and enemies even closer. 

Lucky Day:  29th January

Lucky Crystal:  Lapis Lazuli 

Faerystone: Eye of Horus 

Pay attention from signs from the universe this month. You could be seeing the numbers 11:11, coins and songs that are repetitive. Your wishes are being answered behind the scenes, divine timing is working in your favor. Patience is a virtue. 

Lucky Day:  11th January

Lucky Crystal:  Black Tourmaline 

Faerystone: The Raven 

This month be gentle with your heart. Pay attention to your body, as it truly keeps the score. You may need to rest, pace yourself and get some TLC. Pay attention to close friends, as they are true gems in times of crisis. 

Lucky Day: 15th January 

Lucky Crystal:  Rhodochrosite 

Faerystone: Broken Heart 

It’s OK not to be OK. Everybody has down days and it’s perfectly OK to take a day off when you need some time out. Sit with your emotions. What are they telling you? It may be time to take a step back from a situation that’s draining you 

Lucky Day:  21st January 

Lucky Crystal: Amethyst 

Faerystone: Sad Face

You can manifest your heart’s desire when you set your attentions to it. As you align your attentions with your highest vibration, the universe will answer you. It’s time to get out of your own way and step into your power. You deserve to be happy. 

Lucky Day: 20th January 

Lucky Crystal: Clear Quartz 

Faerystone: The Stork 

A flash of inspiration may hit you this month. You will be in the mood to make major changes. It could be dietary, or within your career or even romance. Great things can happen when you put your mind to them. Go for it! 

Lucky Day: 11th January

Lucky Crystal: Champagne Quartz 

Faerystone: Lightening Strike 

Your cup runneth over this month Libra. It’s time to embrace your heart’s desire. Know that you deserve to be happy and can attract good people, good things and situations into your life. You need to know that you deserve it. Practice positive affirmations and surround yourself with people who truly lift your spirit.

Lucky Day: 22nd January 

Lucky Crystal:  Rose Quartz 

Faerystone: Chalice 

After the storm, there will always be a rainbow. The rainbow is proof that no matter what we go through, there can always be a lesson and a ray of light at the end. Know this time you are transitioning into is only a lesson. Greater things are ahead. Happiness awaits… 

Lucky Day: 19th January 

Lucky Crystal: Green Jade 

Faerystone: Rainbow 

Pay attention to your finances this month. You may need to cut back on certain luxuries and take a look at your finances with a critical eye. Save the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves! 

Lucky Day: 28th January 

Lucky Crystal: Citrine 

Faerystone: Scales 

This month sees you speak up for yourself or another. You are very clear in where people stand with you this month and are not suffering fools. Respect is a two-way street. Honour your truth. 

Lucky Day: 13th January

Lucky Crystal:  Black Obsidian 

Faerystone: Pentagram 

A loved one from Spirit is bringing love around you this month. You may see signs such as a butterfly, feathers or a Robin. Know that your loved ones are at peace and are always with you, sending you love. If you asked for a sign, here it is! 

Lucky Day: 15th January

Lucky Crystal: Rainbow Moonstone 

Faerystone: The Butterfly 

Luck is yours this month! It may be time to play the Lotto, take a chance or ask that person out! Lady luck is shining on you throughout the month. You may be feeling braver. Seize the opportunities that come your way and you will find fate favours the brave! 

Lucky Day: 22nd January

Lucky Crystal: Aventurine 

Faerystone: Shamrock 

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